Understanding Emotion and Healing

How do you deal with emotion?

Do you drink or eat excessively? Blow up? Manipulate

Charlene Jones has spent the better part of forty years
exploring what makes us tick by first understanding herself, and
then helping others to better understand themselves. She does this
through meditation (teaching and practicing), dream work, and

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Initiation in a Tibetan Temple, a three month retreat, walking
on a glacier in Norway, riding in a four-seater Cessna through the
mountains in New Zealand, sailing the Gulf of Mexico during tornado
season, drinking chang with Mongel men: all these adventures and
more spill through the pages of Charlene Jones’ upcoming memoir, MY
IMPOSSIBLE LIFE. Rising through the ashes of a three day trama of
being held hostage by two armed criminals at the age of sixteen,
Charlene shares her journey of healing through meditation, dreams,
and a variety of other healing methods to bring her to a place of
love, peace, and contentment.

In part one of this interview, Charlene shares her incredible
journey and the importance of understanding and embracing our
emotions so that we can heal.

Charlene says, “When we’re not afraid of our emotions, then we
stay connected and grounded.”

You can learn more about Charlene by visiting Soul

Read Charlene’s current books:

Buddha, Medicine Mind



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