Getting to the “Why?”

“Why?” It’s a simple, one-word question that packs a bigger punch than Mike Tyson.”

Earlier this month I spoke with a young woman who’s afraid. I don’t know exactly why she’s afraid. She didn’t tell me. It doesn’t acutally matter. She was afraid, and I needed to help her with the “how?” and the “what?”

She and you are my “why?” I’m not Rhonda Rousy.Ronda Rousey


Neither are you.

The good news is that we don’t need to be.

What we need is to be is who we are — in all our glory, mishaps, false starts, trip-ups, and successes –Be who we are meant to be.

Even when it scares the crap out of us.

I believe we all have the capacity to harness what scares us, and use it to propel us where we want to — need to – go. Sometimes though, we need someone to be our guide. I’m lucky. Throughout my life, I’ve been surrounded by amazing women and men who pointed – shoved – pushed (and sometimes dragged me kicking and screaming) in the direction that I needed to go.

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Through this website and the soon-to-be launched podcast, I share what I’ve learned through years of martial arts training with you, so that any fear you have doesn’t consume you, but instead is used to fuel you.

You are magnificently strong, but just in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a reminder.

What is your “why?”


About KMiller

Kori Miller began studying self-defense when she was 17 years old. Over the years, her formal practice has seen its ups and downs, but her desire to continue learning never has. She's trained in Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan Karate, and Hapkido. It is this last style that won her heart. Her philosophy is, "don't be there, but if you must, then protect yourself." Your personal safety starts with a healthy respect for situational awareness and using powerfully, positive body language. Kori is an author, speaker, and trainer.
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