5 Great Stretches for Relaxation


How do you incorporate a little relaxation into your daily routine? Like many of you, I sit at a computer for the greater part of my day. My muscles tighten in my shoulders, neck, and back. Sometimes, it feels like I’ve been accosted by a giant squid. This makes my entire body feel tired and worn out. So, a few months ago, I started stretching in the morning before even getting out of bed.

If you’re having a difficult time relaxing, here are some great stretches just about anyone can do. Be careful. You don’t want to experience this:

uh oh - squirrel stretching

Before trying them, consult your physician. Since I’m not one, I can’t say whether or not these simple stretches might be bad for you. They are ones that I use throughout my day.

  • Before ¬†getting out of bed, bring your knees close to your chest and gently allow them to fall to one side, and then to the other. Bring them back to center each time. From here, with your knees together, allow your hips to rotate. This is a slow, smooth movement to loosen your lower back.
  • Stand with your legs about shoulder width apart. Extend your arms skyward. Slowly allow your body to fold at your waist. Let your head and neck relax as you reach toward the floor. If you can’t keep your legs straight, allow them to gently bend. The goal is to loosen the tension in your neck, shoulders, and lower back.
  • While seated in a chair, straighten your back and slowly turn at your waist to one side, and then to the other. Don’t twist farther than what is comfortable. Your head should follow in the direction of your twist. Allow your gaze to soften. Breath deeply (from your belly).
  • Reach behind your back with one hand and allow your other hand to grasp your wrist. Slowly tilt your head in the direction of the hand being pulled. Switch sides and repeat.
  • Stand with your feet 3-4 feet apart. Bending at the waist, allow your head and arms to hang. Place one hand behind your back and allow it to simply relax. Slowly and gently rotate one arm and then the other. This helps loosen up your shoulders.

Tension sucks the energy out of our bodies. We need our energy to be steady and unencumbered, so that we can tackle each day with passion and purpose.

Will Power


What are you doing today to express your passion and purpose?

Leave a note in the comments. I’d love to hear your ideas.



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Kori Miller began studying self-defense when she was 17 years old. Over the years, her formal practice has seen its ups and downs, but her desire to continue learning never has. She’s trained in Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan Karate, and Hapkido. It is this last style that won her heart. Her philosophy is, “don’t be there, but if you must, then protect yourself.” Your personal safety starts with a healthy respect for situational awareness and using powerfully, positive body language. Kori is an author, speaker, and trainer.

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